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Our Faculty

National speakers enable Partners participants to learn “what’s possible” because the policies, practices, or activities are successful in other places.

The quality of the Texas Partners in Policymaking program depends on speakers who can present “what’s possible” and who:

  • Are experts in the topic area, including having an understanding of the connection between levels of government, systems change, and policy results.
  • Have a broad perspective on cutting edge/best practices in disability issues that are consistent with an empowering vision.
  • Understand what Partners in Policymaking is all about and are committed to the Core Values.
  • Know how to communicate about their topic of expertise through adult learning methods including blended learning.
  • Are motivated and enthusiastic themselves, and able to inspire and energize participants.

SessionDateSubjectSpeakers Austin
19/10 Aug 2019

History of Disability, Parent Movement, Self Advocacy, Independent Living, People First Language

  • Lex Frieden
  • Nissi Salazar
  • Scott Daigle
213/14 Sept 2019

Inclusive Education, Life Long Learning, Civil Discourse Communication

  • Mary Durheim
  • Karen Ray
  • Norman Kunc
34/5 Oct 2019

Inclusive Community, Service Coordination, Grass Roots/Single Issue Organizing

  • Al Condeluci
  • Dohn Hoyle
415/16 Nov 2019

Employment and Person Centered Planning

  • Guy Caruso
  • Carol Blessing
524/25 Jan 2020

Creating a Vision, Guardianship/ Legislature, Media “Strategic Communication” Training

  • Erin Taylor
  • Jeff Miller
  • Robb Leer
621/22 Feb 2020

Legislative Advocacy and Leadership, Mock Hearing & Legislative Visits Training

  • Joe Gagan
713/14 Mar 2020

Federal Disability Issues

  • Erin Prangley
  • Jan Brown
824/25 Apr 2020

Assistive Technology, Parliamentary Procedures for Legislative and Committee Involvement / Graduation

  • Deann O’Lenick
  • Cortney Garcia
  • Jai Ellis